Trendy Spring Pedicure Nail Colors

If your feet have been in hibernation since the beginning of winter, it’s time to kick ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
them into gear with a much needed spring pedicure.

This weekend, pull out the flip flops and strappy sandals even if winter doesn’t seem to be aware of the calendar!

But before you sink your toes into those pretty new sandals, be sure to check out the latest spring nail colors. My favorite nail color brand is Butter London.  They always have pretty, trendy shades and the consistency is buttery and smooth.

If you aren’t able to make a trip to the nail salon for a professional pedicure, just take these 5 easy steps to get your feet in fighting shape:

1. Clip – Be careful not to clip too deeply.

2. File – nice and even!

3. Exfoliate – Don’t forget your heels…

4. Moisturize - a nice glossy finish makes your feet happy!

5. Apply – your favorite color!



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  2. love the spring colours…I have a spa pedi monthly and for the most part I have red polish, sometimes a charcoal gray or chocolate brown…this time I tried a pale pink and I’m not fond of it…after all these years with the dark it is difficult to like the light colours on my toe nails… :)

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