Spring Dreams – 2014 Fashion Must Haves

Five, Four, Three, Two….ONE!!! Happy Spring!

If you’re anything like me, you’re thrilled to say “buh bye” to coats, boots, hats and gloves.  The start of a new season is absolutely exhilarating.  The fashion possibilities are endless!

Isn’t it funny how the clothes and accessories that you couldn’t wait to wear at the start of the season, soon become the clothes that you can’t wait to move to the back of closet? But there’s something special about a Spring wardrobe. It’s a little bit of summer and a touch of winter.  I must admit that the thing I look forward to is wearing my strappy sandals and short sleeve blouses.

Here’s a little snapshot of 2014 Spring Must Haves. Today, I’m focusing on Old Navy which is one of my favorite stores. The prices are fantastic and I love the laid-back, casual feel. And best of all…they carry Plus sizes. Yes, this article is a shameless Old Navy plug. I wasn’t paid anything or even contacted by Old Navy reps…although I’d love it if they did.  I just love the store and want to share my discoveries with you.


I love sandals! I don’t care if they are 4 inch or flat. If given a choice, I would wear them every single day at every occasion. I just love the relaxed feeling I have when I slip on a pair of sandals. And sandals are a great way to showcase your pedicured toes!

It’s springtime! How about a dress to go with those sandals. I’m inspired! Plus, I vowed to my family and friends that I will be wearing more skirts and dresses this year.

Oooh la la!

Oooh la la!

My favorite thing at Old Navy is the denim. I must have 30 pairs of Old Navy jeans. Don’t judge me!

All of the jeans below are under $40!

And then there’s the scarves! Just in case you missed the memo, scarves (especially the infinity scarf) are very crucial this year. You simply must add a few to your wardrobe.

Don’t know how to tie a scarf? Here’s a great “how to” video from Wendy’s Lookbook on YouTube.

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